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Smoking is very familiar now a day. There are various famous brands providing quality cigarettes. But the most exciting news is that now a special kind of cigarette has been discovered which is called electronic cigarette or smokeless cigarette. At first the transition of smokeless cigarette from normal cigarette will be strange but after a certain time it will be easily adjusted with the smoker. The function of electronic cigarette is simply incredible. As there are many kinds of smokeless cigarettes in market it is easy to find a suitable one. Especially it depends on the taste of the consumer. They are free to find their suitable brand and enjoy the ultimate taste of cigarettes. Generally smoking is prohibited in many places like shopping mall, parking lot, office etc. But a smokeless cigarette gives you the opportunity to smoke anywhere you want. This would be a great solution to you.

Electronic cigarette is a small device which looks just as an ordinary cigarette. It has a strong body including some major parts. A battery, an atomizer and a cartridge is equipped with an electronic cigarette. In the cartridge of this cigarette there is liquid nicotine mixture. This nicotine mixture is vaporized by the atomizer which is powered by a rechargeable battery. The vapor produced by an electronic cigarette is completely harmless as it contains only nicotine, water, glycol and alcohol. There is a general belief among the people that the most dangerous element a cigarette contains is nicotine. But it is been found by the medical science that nicotine is safer than caffeine. Off course an ordinary cigarette is harmful but it is not because of nicotine. Without nicotine an ordinary cigarette vapor also contains hazardous elements like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrosamines and magnesium. These are the main byproducts of a cigarette which cause various vital diseases to human body. So an electronic cigarette completely solves the problem

The main advantage of an electronic cigarette is that no one has to suffer from passive smoking as electronic cigarettes are completely odorless. It is also helpful for the smoker because it don’t leave any yellow strains on teeth, clothing etc. Beside this they are allowed to smoke anywhere including strictly prohibited areas like restaurants, offices or even on a jet plane. Electronic cigarettes are most preferable as the cartridge contains any types of amount of nicotine depending on the taste of the consumer. A cartridge can contain nicotine of a whole pack of normal cigarette also it has a zero level nicotine range. Those who are trying to give up smoking can give a shot to the zero level nicotine cartridges. To the health conscious people electronic smokeless cigarettes would be the right choice. Smoking electronic cigarettes they can prevent hazardous health issues to themselves and others also.



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Electronic Cigarette Reviews

What say you already tried electronic cigarettes?A month ago I have my electronic cigarette and took half a month without smoking, I'm very happy. Strongly recommended to quit smoking, to me and my boss has worked well. I started as snuff vapeando Natural flavors and nicotine MB American Rubio, now I've spent with vanilla and mint, the next step is vapear without nicotine. I feel good about myself and has not proven to be any effort, in my case has been and continues to be a pleasure, since I love vapear. My electronic cigarette I bought in a kit that is on sale, do not remember the price, but I bought the electronic cigarette cost more than 30 Euros.  LaotrasoyYoAll doctors I know say, even without studies to back it up, to say the least, the electronic cigarette is infinitely less harmful than another. I also smoked two packs a day (three if left party). For a year I am a happy user of the electronic cigarette, first went down to a pack a week (ie, suppressed 13 every 14 cigarettes smoked), and do not smoke for months zilch, zero, nothing (to understand what the FDA's) ... I'm going quitter.  MontseCadiz

What it is is that the snuff contrasted kills, yet all governments allow us to sell it. I smoked two packs a day and took nine months without smoking thanks to the electronic cigarette. Could it be that there are too many economic interests involved?  JulioVaPeoAnother user most of the electronic cigarette, I went from one pack a day to zero. As a colleague said, we are most interested in to make an objective study of its possible side effects, if you have them ... I recommend buying the electronic cigarette, but do not buy the one sold in pharmacies, is the first to hit the market and do not throw very well, I tell you because I bought it in the first and the second my pharmacy online, not me remember where, but no color.  CarlosySaraAfter 30 years of smoking and trying to quit, I tried patches and gum and did not work. However, I was advised to try a pharmacy without nicotine electronic cigarette with flavors of mint, apple. lemon and snuff and took five months without smoking snuff. How that works? Just ask me and my family that is enchanted with this invention.  AnnaSbdllOne day I was fortunate to have someone tell me about the, so-called, electronic cigarettes and say misnamed because they have nothing to do with cigarettes. Its greatest analogy is that of a nozzle is sucked and expelled vapor. If for that reason they are associated with cigarettes would have to be associated with a cigarette on a pacifier or a cold morning in which eject vao breathing. Again, I was fortunate to know this VAPEADOR allowed me to quit and my health, physical and mental, and emotional and social circumstances my improved in so many things that occupy much space recount here.  Sergio ErasClearly all interested that the electronic cigarette is unsuccessful ... The state does not tax gains with it ... Tough people more because 90% of those who try it quit entonfes of Pensions tsnts become unaffordable with population .... I've managed to quit smoking with the electronic cigarette.  Pablo RuizTags: electronic cigarette (47 references), electronic cigarettes (32 references), Electronic Cigars (25 references), smoking cessation (10 references), vapear (23 references)